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Geniatech SatBox is an external USB device that brings digital satellite broadcasts (TV and radio) to your PC or Notebook. Digital reception provides incredibly sharp TV pictures and near CD quality audio and radio.

Feature List

 • Watch digital satellite TV on your PC or Notebook
 • Listen to digital satellite radio
 • Record TV shows to your PC's hard disk using high quality MPEG-2 and play them back later to
   your PC screen
 • Receive digital Teletext
 • Time shifting function, pause live digital TV
 • Easy connection to Notebook or desktop PC's through a USB 2.0 port
 • Watch free-to-air digital satellite TV program and listen to digital radio on PC
 • Fully Resizable TV (up to full screen)
 • Auto channel scan and automatic channel name recognition Personal Digital VCR
   (Personal Video Recorder)
 • Pause, rewind and instant replay live TV program
 • Play back your recorded programs while continuing to record in real time (Time Shift)
 • Record/ Playback Live TV programs and video in MPEG-II quality
 • Recording Scheduler Support single and multiple still image capture Video Always on Top
   Support Windows 2000/XP Fully Functional Remote Control Support ProgDVB and its plugins

 • Watch free-to-air digital satellite TV on your PC and record it anytime! Digital TV offers sharper 
    pictures and clearer sound.
 • Record your digital TV shows to your PC's hard disk using MPEG-2 format. Play them back at any
    time! With time-shifting function, you can Pause live digital TV when you are leaving for a while,
    never lose your favorite program!
 • Easy installation port on your Notebook or desktop PC Via USB Port.
 • Capture your CVBS video output from VCR, VHS or DVD player to Mpeg1/2/4 format to you hard
    disk, and then you can edit and burn to VCD/DVD.
 • Support third party DVB software (Mytheatre, ProgDVB)

System Requirements  

 • Pentium III 1000MHz processor minimum recommended
 • Support Windows xp, Vista, Windows7
 • 1 free USB Port (2.0, Caution: USB1.1 not supported) Sound Card
 • CD-ROM Drive (for software installation)
 • For digital TV recording: approx. 1 gigabyte of hard disk space per hour of recorded TV
 • DirectDraw compatible PCI /AGP display controller with hardware video overlay
 • Internet Explorer 5.x or higher
 • Digital Satellite Antenna (LNB and Dish)


Package Contents

 • SatBox USB2.0 satellite TV box
 • USB 2.0 Cable
 • AC/DC adaptor: 110-240V input, 12V output
 • Remote control handset
 • Analogue CVBS video cable and Audio cable
 • Software on CD ROM (incl. Manual in PDF Format)
 • Quick Installation Guide

Package Includes

 • X8500T card x1
 • Video Cable x1
 • Remote Controller x1
 • Remote Cable x1
 • Quick installation Guide x1
 • Software CD (Include application usage)


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